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Your guide to Funeral flowers.

It is important to mention, there are no right or wrong flowers to choose for a funeral. The flowers you select in memory and to celebrate your loved one, friend or family member, will be very personal to you, but this blog post will help you with some of the more classical choices for sympathy and funeral flowers.

Funeral Flowers in Plymouth, Funeral Florist, Sympathy Flowers Plymouth

Flowers are often used to express respect and feelings for the person who has sadly passed away, as well as offer comfort to the bereaved family. For some, they symbolise the journey of the beauty of life to the end, for others, they are to add colour to the sad event. Other individuals find that emotions that are often be too hard to put into words, can be portrayed in the flowers themselves, they just seem to speak for us at a time when we find it difficult to express ourselves.

Flowers and their meanings

The meaning of flowers can vary between where you are in the world to the colour you choose. It is important to select flowers appropriate for the circumstances or emotions you are trying to express, but as this is often hard to identify during times of mourning, there are a collection of flowers that are typically considered appropriate as sympathy gifts, or displays if you were estranged from the deceased. There are several popular choices for flowers in the UK which are detailed below.

Funeral Flowers in Plymouth, Funeral Florist, Sympathy Flowers Plymouth


The lily is a popular choice for funeral flowers here in the UK. The lily symbolises purity, innocence and life after death. White stargazer lilies symbolise sympathy, and Oriental lilies symbolise enteral life. Lilies add a touch of colour to a display, without ruining what is considered a gentle, respectful, and calming choice.

Funeral Flowers in Plymouth, Funeral Florist, Sympathy Flowers Plymouth


Roses are one of the most popular funeral flowers, with each colour having a different meaning. Often featured in February's valentine bouquets, Red roses symbolise love, and are not commonly found in sympathy bouquets; however, in funeral displays and gravestone bouquets, they are considered to symbolise ongoing devotion. More often featured in times of sympathy (and weddings), white roses symbolise purity and innocence. If you are feeling lost in which type of bloom to send as a sympathy bouquet, white roses are considered one of the most appropriate gifts. Yellow roses are believed to represent friendship, and pink roses symbolise gratitude, though these colours are often chosen by family members whose loved one requested their end of life celebration, to be a 'celebration' rather than a solemn event.


Carnations are another popular choice for funeral flowers, and are quite commonly featured in bouquets due to their range of colours and high availability. Carnations can be made into a feature piece or funeral display, or they can be used as 'filler' flowers to bulk out flower displays that have more statement blooms. Carnations come in a variety of colours, pink, yellow red and white.

A funeral is always an extremely hard time for anyone. Finding the right words to express your feelings and condolences for the loved one you have lost can be overwhelming. By choosing to send flowers and tributes to celebrate the person's life, you can express your love and feelings. Whether you want to celebrate their hobbies or interests or even include their favourite flower in a beautifully bespoke contemporary design, we can help you find what you are looking for and ensure a truly fitting tribute is arranged for you.

If you are seeking a small display for a funeral procession or grave, our loose cross funeral arrangements are simple and respectful. Each of our bespoke displays are created after consulting with yourself, to identify any colours or specific flowers you may like included.

We can arrange delivery to the funeral directors in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, directly to the church, to yourself at home or to the location of the wake. Click here to view our delivery terms.

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