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A quick summary of funeral displays

Flowers have always been known as conveyors of feelings, even if they are of sympathy and grief. Floral displays at funerals are a way for the grieving families to express their love for the lost family member. More recently people have been moving away from traditional funeral floral displays and choosing displays more personal to the deceased, as a reflection of the wonderful lives they led and the fond memories left behind. Usually, funeral florists help families and friends set up floral displays and cater to all kinds of requirements.

Shapes you can get for funeral displays and colours

Valentines Florist and Flower Delivery in Plymouth

Here are some types of floral arrangements we can create for you.


Wreaths can come in multiple sizes, small, big or huge, and can be made of any flowers of your choice. We can add a white base or cover the entire wreath in flowers. Wreaths can be made using a variety of flowers or flowers of a single colour. Wreaths represent the circle of life and are an essential part of the funeral display. They can be placed on top of the casket, or on a table as a display. Because they are portable, they can also be moved and placed at the graveside.

Hearts, crosses or bespoke items

Some families may choose to have hearts or crosses as funeral displays. These shapes may reflect the family’s religious sentiments or deep affection for the departed.

Sometimes these shapes showcase the deceased person’s interests or hobbies. As per the family’s choice, bespoke items like football, jerseys, crest, sports or hobby related symbols, sewing machines and other items can also be created.

Independent florists can help you create religious signs and symbols as well. These arrangements are usually displayed by the family on a side table.

Pillows and cushions

We can create pillows and cushions from the flowers of your choice. Since displays are an extremely personal expression, we can also help you pick out specific flowers and create unique arrangements. Please call use directly to discuss the arrangements over the phone or, because we know at times like these it is helpful to see a friendly and welcoming face, you can book a consultation in person.


Commonly placed on top of the casket, or displayed as a standing spray beside the casket, sprays can also be single or double-ended. They can be made in colours of your choice and using funeral flowers. These sprays are usually from the immediate family.

Some sprays can also be given from work collections or a group of people to show sympathy. The arrangement for sympathy flowers is a bit different from the one mentioned above.


Other than the shapes mentioned above, we can also create Letter tributes, Posies (a small flower arrangement, usually given by family friends or close relatives) or Sheafs (natural tied designs with bare stems).

For those looking for a more sustainable option, we also provide biodegradable displays on request. They are suitable for woodland or green funerals. These displays do not come with foam, as they are non-biodegradable. Other options would be choosing locally farmed and organically grown flowers. You may also choose to use potted plants instead of cut flowers.

All the funeral displays and flower arrangements can be customised using a variety of flowers based on colour and type. The majority of the funeral displays can be arranged in either based or loose style, but some might be limited to only one style. We recommend having a discussion with your funeral florist about the same.

We understand these might be tough and trying times for you and your family, which is why we are here to make the process as easy for you as possible. Simply convey your requirement and preference, and we will go to lengths to ensure your requirements are fully met.

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