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Purple and White Flowers with Green Foliage - Wedding Florist and Funeral Florist and Flow
White Flowers with Green Foliage - Wedding Florist and Funeral Florist and Flower Delivery

Express your sorrow
with flowers

Send a kind message when words are not enough

Painful Loss

At Daisie Chain Floral Design, we understand that losing a loved one is a very difficult and emotional experience. Nothing conveys sympathy for that pain better than a floral arrangement or plant. Sending flowers to grieving family members allows you to express your condolences and shows your love at such a sorrowful time.

The power of flowers

Too often, words are not enough.  In fact, no words can convey grief. Flowers have the power to express our deepest feelings, even on the worst of days. Flowers have been a means of expression for centuries. Without a single spoken word, they can say so much.

Choosing the
right sympathy and funeral flowers

As a grieving family member or friend, or even the person assigned to make the funeral arrangements, it’s important to understand the meaning of each flower. At Daisie Chain Floral Design, we help you make the right choice, so that you can pay your respects with the utmost dignity and honour.

Classic Flower Bouquet - Wedding Florist and Funeral Florist and Flower Delivery in Plymou

What to send

When a person passes away, it is the tradition to send flowers as a means to express sorrow and support to the grieving family. Knowing exactly what is appropriate to send is a difficult task, especially as various religions and cultures may be involved. We help you choose the most suitable arrangement for the bereaved family, to comfort them when they need it most, and let them know you are there to support them in their time of need.

Where to send

You can send your flowers of sympathy to the funeral director or to the home of the grieving family. If you are sending them to the funeral director, you should make sure that they arrive in time for the funeral. If you wish to send flowers of sympathy after the funeral, these can, of course, be sent at any time.  


Flowers are always welcomed, because they show how much you care and that you are thinking of the bereaved family.


We offer a respectable and reliable flower delivery service across Plymouth, Liskeard and the surrounding areas

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"Natasha arranged the flowers for my mother’s funeral.  I found Natasha to be very professional, knowledgeable and understanding.  She provided considerate suggestions, the arrangements were beautiful (just what mum would have wanted).  From the beginning Natasha was very helpful and made the whole process seem effortless.  I would not hesitate to use Daisie Chain again in the future."


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