About Daisie Chain Floral Design

Unique floral designs for special occasions, weddings and funerals


A passion for bold, memorable floral design

Daisie Chain Floral Design is passionate about helping you choose the perfect flowers, no matter what the occasion. Natasha, owner and founder of Daisie Chain Floral Design, is a Certified Level 3 Florist with extensive knowledge of floristry. Being a smaller business, Daisie Chain Floral Design is able to supply personalised, bespoke and unique designs, tailored to your preferences and individual needs.


Our passion for bright, bold and unique floral designs and our use of unusual statement flowers and colour palettes guarantee that you’ll get dazzling, breathtaking bouquets or flower arrangements.

Sharing our knowledge 

with you

We are knowledgeable in all things flowers, from when each is in season to the best materials to use, and we supply you with instructions on how to take proper care of your flowers so as to ensure their longevity. We discuss your ideas with you and dig deeper into your needs so as to create the outcome you are dreaming of, while keeping your budget restrictions in mind.



and much more

We provide flowers for weddings, special events and many other occasions. 


Flowers are the centrepieces of weddings. We specialise in bespoke, long-lasting, memorable creations that will have your guests talking long after the wedding or other event is over. 

We also help you choose the most suitable flower arrangements for funerals. Flowers have the power to convey messages that no spoken words can. Pay your respects through the wonderful medium of flowers.


Results that you will love!

Our love of unusual statement flowers and bright, bold colour palettes provides a unique approach to floristry, and our qualifications guarantee that your flowers will last long and be memorable, regardless of the occasion. 


Because our bespoke floral designs are personalised to your individual needs, you can be sure that the results will be unique. 


Our pride and joy is making sure all our customers are delighted with the results of our work together. By taking advantage of our expertise in floristry, you can be confident that your choices and designs will be perfect for any occasion.  


We look forward to working with you on your floral designs.