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Spring is blooming!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

For a lot of people, spring is the best season of the year. With trees adorned with new leaves, melting snow and bright colours all around, everything feels new in spring. But what could be a better reminder of spring than blossoming flowers?

Spring Flowers Blog - Wedding Florist and Funeral Florist and Flower Delivery in Plymouth

The mesmerising sight of long stretches of fields coloured with lilacs, yellows and pinks, flower festivals and garden shows- all of it brings back our love for flowers.

It is clearly the best time to learn about flowers and how to care for them. Here are some of the best flowers to buy in the spring season to liven up your homes!


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Snowdrops are one of the first reminders of spring’s arrival. Sometimes you will find these hardy flowers blooming amidst snow-clad ground. Snowdrops come only in white colour and are a symbol of hope and purity.

Even though they cannot be placed in a vase, they can be a beautiful addition to your garden. Some of the best displays of snowdrops can be seen in Norfolk, Peeblesshire, and West Midlands, but you can also head to Plymouths own Saltram for a Snowdrop spotting afternoon.

Snowdrops care:

Snowdrops flourish in the shade. You can plant them either with herbaceous plants or under deciduous shrubs. When planting snowdrops, make sure the soil is well-drained, so that water can percolate easily through it. If you don’t have that, mix the soil with some sand or grit.


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Ranunculus are beautiful spring flowers that are very popular during the spring wedding season. They have rose-like resemblance, especially due to their pastel colours, like yellow, soft pink, delicate petals and long vase life. They also come in vibrant colours, such as bright orange or burgundy and can be sourced for events in Spring and Autumn from florists in Plymouth.

Ranunculus is a symbol of charm and beauty, and can add elegance to any wedding decor.

Ranunculus care:

Ranunculus thrive in warm or lukewarm water, and away from direct sunlight. When putting them in a vase, don’t fill it up to the brim. Approximately, 3-5 inches of water should be sufficient. Make sure to cut off the leaves from the bottom of the stem to prevent bacteria from getting into the water. Change the water every other day.


Tulips start blooming right at the start of spring. The best part about these beauties is they can last in your vase for up to 10 days!

Even though they are commonly seen in red or pink colours, Tulips can also come in purple, yellow and white. Some of the best locations to find Tulips in spring are the gardens in Somerset, Wiltshire, Sussex and, of course, with your local independent florists in Plymouth.

Tulip Care:

To make Tulips last longer, cut the stems and put them in cold water. Place them in a vase away from direct heat or sunlight. Keep changing the water every 1 or 2 days to make sure they stay fresh. Cure the ends of the stem as and when necessary.


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Not only do hyacinths look beautiful with their heart-shaped petals, but they also have a pleasant scent. Hyacinths come in multiple colours and each colour has a different fragrance. This is why they are also used in perfumes.

Hyacinths are popular in many regions of the UK and can be found in any farmers’ market as well as independent florists in Plymouth like us!

Hyacinth care:

Due to the long stem of these flowers, a supportive vase works best. Put them in shallow water and change the water after 2-3 days. Keep them in a cool location, away from direct heat to make them last for up to 10 days.

Daffodil in window - Wedding Florist and Funeral Florist and Flower Delivery in Plymouth


Bring home these brightly coloured yellow bulbs to add a touch of spring to your home. Daffodils bloom in spring and can be found in plenty in the months of March and April. Be it florists in Plymouth or the suburban gardens of Cornwall, Daffodils fill up the spaces with their bright colours. These bright blooms are available in white, yellow, buttercream and gold.

Daffodils symbolise new beginnings, happiness and warmth.

Daffodil care:

Wash and place Daffodils in a vase for up to 24 hours. This is to provide time for the saps and toxins released by Daffodils to dilute into the water which would otherwise make the other flowers in your vase wilt. After 24 hours’ of isolation, daffodils are safe to be put in with the other flowers.

Daffodils and Iris are often placed together as the sap released by daffodils can help some flowers like Iris bloom, so pairing your flowers well is essential when it comes to daffodils. Store this bunch in a cool, draft free location away from sunlight.

We hope this blog helps you to care for your favourite flowers in spring. After a long, dark winter, decorating your home with beautiful flowers only seems fitting!

If you have any questions about the Spring flowers we have in stock this year, you can view our online shop call us on 07713506159 or pop an email to to order a bespoke Spring bouquet for flower delivery across Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

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