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Planning your Wedding Flowers

Flowers make up a large part of your wedding. They play a vital role in the ceremony, adorning the guest tables, adding to the beauty of the wedding theme and lifting the mood with well-scented flowers.

Hence, choosing the right flowers can become extremely nerve-wracking. Not to worry, we understand. And to ease the process of flower selection for your wedding, we have curated this small list of things to keep in mind when planning your wedding.

Valentines Florist and Flower Delivery in Plymouth

Book in advance

We understand that sometimes couples don't have a lot of time to plan their weddings. They get engaged and within less than a year they want their wedding– which is something we also cater to, by the way.

But the problem with this kind of quick arrangement is that your chosen flowers may not always be in season. The ideal time to book a wedding florist is between 1 and 2 years. This allows us to ensure that the flowers you have chosen are available and gives us a chance to offer you suitable alternatives if your chosen flowers are of out-of-season. Floral arrangement planning may take some time, but it allows us to find the perfect match or better flower options for you. Get in touch today and let’s get planning.

Minimal Lovers Flowers - Wedding Florist and Funeral Florist and Flower Delivery in Plymouth

Bouquet styles

The best way to plan your bouquet is to consider the kind of dress you're planning to wear. If you already have the dress ready, planning your bouquet arrangement will be a walk in the park!

Bouquets are more than just an accessory. They are the first thing the guests notice after the bride. So they should not only match the wedding theme and be arranged beautifully but they should also be an extension of your wedding dress.

Small arrangements go well with an intricately detailed wedding gown, whereas a simple dress may be accentuated with a shower bouquet or a wild,over sized boho styled bouquet. We also arrange consultations with our brides for the best bouquet arrangements before the wedding. Again, the sooner you plan these details, the easier it is. As an independent florist, we are fully invested in the quality of your wedding flowers for your special day, you may even say, when it comes to flowers, we are quite the perfectionists!

Study current trends

If your wedding is happening as per the current wedding trends why should flowers be left behind?

These days Boho chic wedding themes are trending. The wild, yet elegant, wedding style seems to be appealing to a lot of couples. Pampas grass and lush foliage style, or adding dried and Preserved elements are the main choices for this theme. But one must be careful about their choice of wedding flowers. Even though they may add to your wedding look, some flowers aren’t always the best option for the day. Pampas grass is one such example. They often shed and can leave fluff on clothing. So, be aware of the flowers you select. Don’t panic – this is why you are coming to Daisie Chain Floral Design, we have plenty of knowledge and we share this with you so that your wedding flowers are exquisite.

Next Year Trends

If you’re planning your wedding a year or two in advance, it’s the perfect time. You have plenty of time to arrange everything and plan the details. You also get the time to study the upcoming trends in weddings.

For instance, shower bouquets are steadily gaining popularity these days, and are highly likely to continue for another couple of years (at least). The number of elegant bouquet looks you can create with a shower bouquet are endless!

As it isn’t possible to know what could be the next trending wedding theme, it is, however, most certainly possible to plan what kind of flowers you’d like and you can take some inspiration from our flowers for delivery on our shop and from our displays on social media. Usually, wedding florists can help you plan wedding floral decors by taking into consideration the past trends or popular ones among their brides. But one thing we can tell you is no matter what the next big trend is, we’ve got you covered!

Send an enquiry today for a personal consultation with Natasha or call us in the workshop on 07713 506159.

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