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Hiring an independent florist for your Wedding Day!

Weddings are one of the most special days in a couple’s life. A lot of planning goes into the day and flowers are the most essential yet sometimes the most neglected part of the planning process. We understand your stress, and that is why we highly recommend hiring an independent florist for making your special day more memorable through the visually mesmerising flowers!

Spring Flowers Blog - Wedding Florist and Funeral Florist and Flower Delivery in Plymouth

A Personal Service

You will get a much more bespoke experience from an independent florist, compared to chain or online stores. You can sit down and plan your wedding requirements to the minutest detail with your florist, which is rarely ever possible when you book with a chain florist or order online. At Daisie Chain Floral Design we think the consultation process is absolutely essential for planning your wedding, and we evenst do our best to squeeze them in for short notice bookings.

Personalised service also means you get to book consultations, focus on details and personalisation of services. Attention to detail and meeting your expectations are two things that make an independent florist’s services stand out.

We make sure to take as much information from you as possible so that we can tailor the best arrangements according to your requirements.

First hand-checked flowers

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We understand you'll want to ensure that your flowers are of the best quality for your extra special day. Independent florists like ourselves check the flowers personally and handpick the best quality picks before your event. We pick fresh blooms that are sure to last for the entirety of your wedding ceremony. On the day of the event, you will often find us quadruple checking all of the displays have the healthiest flowers and are sitting perfectly for your event.

We study the peak blooming seasons and keep a watch on the best time to select flowers, which ensures longevity and cost-saving. If you would like to check now which flowers are in season for your wedding date, feel free to get in touch.

On-site pruning and display management

Another advantage of hiring independent florists is that we offer on-site pruning and display management. We cut the necessary parts of the plants in front of you to ensure the longevity and freshness of the wedding flowers. We also assure you that the flowers are arranged as per your requirements in the right spots to enhance the decor. An additional benefit is that we are on hand for any mishaps and accidents. Page boy knocked over your flower archway? Don't panic, we are there! Bridesmaid dropped your wedding bouquet? Don't panic, we are there! This is particularly helpful if you have a limited handful of bridesmaids or helpers on the day.

We are invested in the success of your day

Independent florists are personally committed to bringing the best game on the event day. They will patiently answer all your queries and ensure that the décor coordinates with your wedding theme. We understand and study the latest wedding trends and can suggest to you fresh, aesthetic and innovative ideas for your wedding as well as your wedding flowers.

We are fully committed to ensuring that your wedding day is a grand success.

Provide help in pricing

It is often estimated that around 10% of the total wedding budget is set aside for the floral decorations. Choosing and planning floral decorations for one’s wedding can become a strenuous matter, but hiring a wedding florist can take that pressure off of your shoulders. The way wedding flowers are priced depends on a plethora of factors like the number of blooms required, their style and complexity involved, in or out-of-season flowers, location, venue and much more.

Hiring an Independent florist not only takes the stress of planning the flower arrangement away but also allows you to plan out the best floral wedding decorations with the expertise of an experienced florist.

Being qualified and trained experts, a wedding florist’s expertise is simply irreplaceable. We help you plan your wedding decor and help customise the flower arrangements as per the wedding theme. Using our services you will be able to save a ton of time and focus on what’s important– your wedding!

It is never too early to start your consultation and the earlier you book, the more preparation time we have to ensure your chosen flowers are in stock.

If you would like to book your consultation you can call us on 07713506159 or use our contact form.

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