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How do I make my flowers last longer?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Here at Daisie Chain Floral Design we pride ourselves on using premium grade high quality flowers, to ensure you receive long lasting beautiful blooms. We want you to enjoy them for as long as possible!

So you have one of our beautifully arranged bouquets delivered to you and now you want it to last as long as possible.

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Here are our top tips to get the most from your blooms:

A sparkling clean vase!

Now we know this is probably fairly obvious but we strongly recommend you clean your vase before placing your flowers in it, you should avoid using a dishwasher or washing up liquid as this can leave a soapy residue on your vase. Instead we recommend using a little bit of bleach and hot water, just make sure to rinse it thoroughly before use. While we are talking about vases, the vase you choose should be big enough to allow the stems to have some room around them so they shouldn’t be squashed together they need space to breath and drink. If you have chosen one of our beautiful hand-tied bouquets, it's also a lovely touch to tie the bow from your bouquet around the outside neck of your vase for an additional pop of colour.

Florist cutting stems - Wedding Flowers in Plymouth

Snip snip!

All the low hanging leaves that will fall into the waterline of the vase should be removed. We recommend using a sharp pair of scissors to remove them although you can always use your fingers if you wish. The leaves that fall into the water will not only cause bacteria in the water but by removing them you also get a crisp, neat look.

Your stems should then be cut on 45 degree angle with a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs. By cutting your stems on an angle it allows your flowers to have a larger surface area and this allows them drink more water. Your flowers should be cut to the size of the vase, once you are happy with this you should fill your vase about 2/3 of the way up with room temperature water (nobody likes an ice cold bath!) and use the flower food sachets provided.

Location, location, location!

Next up is finding the perfect location, now we know you want the flowers to be admired by everyone, and as your local independent florist, we want that too, but there are few big no no’s when it comes to placing your flowers in the perfect spot. They should not be placed in any path of direct heat such as windows, by electrical items such as televisions (these give out heat) radiators or electric fires, they should also not be placed in draughty areas, and absolutely not near a fruit bowl, ripping fruit releases ethylene gas which causes the blooms to fade much faster. If you would like to show your flowers off even more, why don't you share them on social media, and don't forget to tag us too!

Food and water!

Just like us flowers need food and water. It is important to use the flower provided this helps to feed the flowers ensuring they are getting all the nutrients they need to provide a blooming beautiful display! We recommend you change the water every two days this will help to prevent bacteria building up in your vase causing your flowers to fade faster. While you change the water trim the stems on sharp 45 degree angle and remove any wilted flowers.

Your flowers will naturally fade and wilt at different times, wilting flowers can spread mould onto the other flowers.

As an independent florist we take great pride in the health and care of our flowers long past delivery, so feel free to get in touch if you need further clarification on any of our advice above.

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