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Memorable Floral Designs 

Beautiful blooms for weddings, events, funerals & gifts from your independent florist in liskeard

Bright, bold, unique floral designs

Memorable floral designs for weddings, occasions, funerals & gifts

Special days and milestone events don’t come around so often. So, when they do, it’s good to know someone you can trust to take care of the essential things —flowers and floral decorations. At Daisie Chain Floral Design, we’re here to listen carefully to your hopes and dreams for your special occasion, talk through the pros and cons of all the options, and apply our professional, artistic know-how to producing a floral design that is just right for the occasion and your budget.

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Dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding? Transform your wedding into a magical scene with bespoke, bold, bright and unique floral wedding flower designs. From the bride’s bouquet to the table centrepieces, we work with you to bring your dream to life, to fill your special day with aromas and beautiful colours, and make it a truly memorable experience for both you and your guests.

Flowers can send a message when words are not enough to express your grief and sorrow at the loss of a close friend or family member. They have the power to close that gap of unspoken pain.

Our sensitive, supportive team will help you choose the best floral designs to send either to the funeral director or directly to the home of the bereaved family. Our funeral flowers are chosen in the most sensitive and comforting, colours and displays, sending caring bouquets of condolences.

Purple and White Flowers with Green Foliage - Wedding Florist and Funeral Florist and Flow
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The owner and founder of Daisie Chain Floral Design is Natasha, a Certified Level 3 Florist in Liskeard with a deep knowledge of floristry. She is fully conversant with all things flowers, from when a particular bloom is in season to the best materials to use, and she offers instructions on how to take proper care of your flowers so they stay fresh and vibrant for longer.

Her passion for bright, bold and unique floral designs and her use of unusual statement flowers and colour palettes guarantee that you’ll get dazzling, breathtaking bouquets or arrangements.  Being a smaller independent floristry business, Daisie Chain Floral Design is able to supply personalised, bespoke and unique designs, especially tailored to your preferences and individual needs.

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